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"Golf is harder than baseball. In golf, you have to play your foul balls." (Anonymous)


Unique Top Dressing

ProGreen Top Dressing ™

Our top dressing sand is specially sized and shaped for maximum performance. The round-shaped, ceramic baked, green sand granules fill in over the silica-sand irregularities. And most important, it always keeps the ball roll uniform and consistent. Ball-shot absorption and overall feel is achieved by the round-shaped sand granule. 

The space between each sand granule creates a "marble effect," reducing the kinetic energy of the ball at impact. The shape of the granule prevents the surface from becoming hard and crusty, while eliminating periodic brushing.  We do not mix any other aggregate with our top dressing!  It is 100% pure rounded, green top dressing sand!  And all ProGreen kits come with a generous supply of Top Dressing; up to 1 pound per square foot.  ProGreen Top Dressing™ also plays an important roll in "Stimp Speed."

Other Top Dressing

Other top dressing sand is angular in shape, which causes it to bond together. After a short period of time, the top surface becomes hard and crusty, thus causing the ball bounce and roll to be inconsistent. Also, it is necessary to brush the top dressing nearly every day in order to keep the top dressing sand from bonding together.


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