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Most Frequently Asked Questions About Synthetic Grass

Are your artificial lawns similar to indoor/outdoor carpet or astro-turf?
Not at all. Our synthetic grass truly resembles the real thing.  Our Thatched grass has two different types of fibers, a longer fiber that replicates blades of grass and a short, curly fiber that adds cushion and support to the longer fibers.  Our infilled synthetic grass is actually combined with sand and recycled crumb rubber. The fibers are 1.5" to 2.5" long depending on the product. A unique blend of rubber crumb and sand is spread over the top of the synthetic grass. Both our Thatched Grass and Infilled Grasses look and feel just like natural grass.

Is the sun harmful to artificial turf grass or make it fade?
No. Our fibers have a UV protection coating and can withstand the damaging affects of sun, heat, wind, snow and ice. We have synthetic putting greens that were installed in 1987 with no discernable signs of fading. Technically, the color will fade two Pantone® colors over a ten-year period, but it's really not noticeable to the naked eye.

What is the life expectancy of ProGreen Synthetic Grass?
Our turf comes with a limited 8-year warranty, but the actual life expectancy is 15-35 years depending on use.

What type of maintenance should I expect with artificial grass?
An occasional brooming is recommended but not necessary. This will  help stand the fibers up. Debris like leaves and twigs can be easily removed with a leaf blower. Remember to not place the blower's nozzle too close to the turf if you have one of our infilled grass products or the sand and rubber will be blown away along with the debris. 

Can artificial turf be installed over my existing lawn?
The existing sod must first be removed either by spraying a weed killer or be removed with a Sod-Cutter (available at a local rental store).  Then a fine layer of crushed rock is laid down, smoothed over and compacted before the artificial turf is installed.

How does an artificial lawn drain?
Drainage is very similar to natural grass.  The turf backing has many perforated holes (or a porous fabric backing) that allow water to drain vertically into the ground below the turf.  Can pets harm ProGreen Synthetic Grass?
No. Many of our landscape grasses were designed with both residential and commercial dog runs in mind. Pet urine is not a problem as it absorbs into the ground or evaporates. Other messes clean up in the same manner as natural grass. You may also spray the soiled area with a hose then simply brush the turf back into place.

How does the cost of artificial grass compare to installing a natural lawn?
When compared to installing a sprinkler system, top soil, the price of sod, combined with watering, mowing, weeding, and fertilizing, it can pay for itself in a few years. You can minimize your investment if you include landscaping rocks and xeriscape elements with your synthetic grass. The contrast of landscape rock with our grass looks fantastic! We suggest installing our synthetic grass inside a landscape-edging border. Bend the edging to give it rounded corners. The rock can be placed outside the edging using a variety of different colors and sizes.  Call us and ask for our value comparison calculator.

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