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Backyard Golf!

ProGreen System™ Offers Maintenance-Free, True Look 

and Feel Putting Surface 


DENVER, CO, April 10, 2001 - Of all the aspects in the wonderful game of golf, perhaps the most difficult to master is putting.  Tom Watson, for example, might have won four more majors if he could have eliminated three-putts. 

For Tom Watson and every other golfer, putting is the most difficult part of the game.  If golfers could practice their putting more regularly, maybe it wouldn’t be as much a problem.  

Colorado's, Steve Walker, president of ProGreen International, Inc., has an answer to those putting blues, the ProGreen Maintenance-Free Putting Green System.  What golfer doesn’t dream of a putting green in their own backyard?  In addition to being a convenient place to practice, it’s perfect for summer barbecues and parties.


Synthetic golf greens are the ideal alternative to natural grass. The new synthetic golf greens are NOT putt-putt, astroturf or carpet over concrete.  They have a natural look, roll, and ball bounce, similar to a golf course green.  The ball speed can even be varied by simply adding or deleting sand.  And with water shortages on the rise, many cities are offering cash credits to homeowners who don't have lawns.

ProGreen has been installing putting greens in Colorado since 1987.  “We’ve come a long way,” says company president Steve Walker.  “Many of our competitors are using the same system we did 10 years ago.  We have added more density to our turf, and made the fibers much softer, making the ball roll truer.   We have our own cup support system, seam tape and an all-new in-fill system, the ProFlex In-fill system.  It’s a combination of rounded silica sand, rubber and our own multi-flex sand.  This prevents the green from getting hard and compacted and softens the surface to simulate a real green.”

ProGreen’s high quality product and service standards have elevated the company to national recognition.  It has the largest putting green distributorship network in the United States and now has distributors in Canada, Mexico, Japan and Thailand.

ProGreen Turf can also be used for miniature golf courses, primary golf course greens, dog runs, play grounds, landscape grass, driving mats (that accept tee’s), and just recently, football and soccer fields. 

Since I’ve had my own backyard putting green, I’ve cut 6 strokes off my handicap.  I try to practice just 10 minutes every day on my chipping and putting, Walker says.  Maybe Watson ought to take a look at this.

ProGreen has over 3000 synthetic putting green installations worldwide and has installed many 18-hole and 9-hole synthetic golf courses throughout the country.  ProGreen has 45 dealers throughout the US, Canada, and Far East. You can contact ProGreen at (888) 440-PUTT or www.progreen.com



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