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"Golf is harder than baseball. In golf, you have to play your foul balls." (Anonymous)


The Role of The Distributor

The first question we receive from interested golfers across the country is "Where can I SEE a ProGreen?" Consequently, the major role of the distributor is to install a Show Green, then to respond to company-generated sales leads, in addition to actively marketing the product on a local scale.

The distributor has the option to start selling right away using our Install-it-Yourself instructions, or attending a two-day seminar, hosted by ProGreen International, Inc.  Distributors are thoroughly trained on the procedures and the mechanics of installation. It is important to understand that installation does not require a highly experienced handyman. However, like any installation or construction project, proper procedures must be followed to ensure the quality of the finished product. Also included in the training are product and accessory specifications, product development history, an overview of the industry, an overview of the competition, freight procedures, etc. - a turnkey presentation which prepares the distributor for all aspects of marketing, sales, installation and customer support.

Each distributor is expected to advertise and market on a local scale, which may include include ads in low-cost, locally published and distributed golf publications, yellow page advertising, participation in local trade shows; or any other approach which would promote ProGreen and generate awareness on a local scale.

Distributors will be given instruction on all applicable advertising aspects, including writing and distributing press releases to the local newspaper, TV, radio, and other media to promote local interest stories on this new concept. In the Denver market, ProGreen International, Inc. has had excellent success and a great deal of free exposure by distributing press releases to the local media.

Call Toll Free 1-888-440-PUTT or 303-464-PUTT,
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Distributor Questionnaire.

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