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Anyone Can Own Their Own Golf Course!

  DENVER, CO, January 3, 2001.  Golf entrepreneurs have long been fascinated with owning and operating their own golf course.  But for most, this is only a dream.  The financing alone is enough to make your MasterCard melt!  But the dream can now be a reality!  Chip-and-putt and putting courses are fast becoming very popular and much more feasible to own.   With most of the emphasis for improving golf scores placed on the short game, there’s an increased demand for short game training facilities. 

Chip and putt courses are miniature par 3 courses.  The average tee to green distant is approximately 40 yards.  Putting courses are just putting greens without the windmills and spewing volcanoes.  Putting course greens have undulations, rough hazards and dogleg lefts and rights.  It’ just like playing real golf, there’s par 3’s, 4’s and 5’s!  The only difference is that all the strokes are made with just a putter.

Even though a chip-and-putt or putting course is much cheaper to develop than a par 3 or regulation course, there are still important financial factors to consider.  Two of the most costly expenses are maintenance and liability. 

ProGreen International, Inc., a Denver based company, say’s it has the answer to both the maintenance and liability issues.   And it can be summed up in one word, synthetic.  “Synthetic just makes sense,” say’s company president Steve Walker.  “There’s no down time for green maintenance.  You can play day and night on synthetic without having to close the course for watering, mowing, general up-keep and weather.  This is key to

generating higher profits.”  Synthetic golf green systems have made great strides in the past few years.  ProGreen uses a very dense synthetic fiber, mixed with silica sand and ground-up recycled tires.  The appearance and playability are unbelievably real, even from 200 yards out! ProGreen Tee-Turf mats are so unique you can insert a tee anywhere on the surface!  ProGreen Tee-Turf mats also allow the golfer to hit down and through the ball.

For chip-and-putt courses, maintenance costs are greatly reduced because the tees and greens are all synthetic.  The only up-keep is the real grass that goes between the tees and greens. 

For putting courses, the maintenance and the liability costs are greatly reduced.  The maintenance cost is almost non-existent and because balls are not getting airborne, the liability insurance is much less.

ProGreen has chip-and-putt, and putting courses installed throughout the country.  For more information go to www.progreen.com or call 1(888) 440-PUTT.


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