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Q & A:

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1.  Are there any contour limitations?
No. Since the shape of silica sand is rounded it will lock in place after it is watered down. This, and the weight of the silica sand anchors the turf firmly in place, permitting the contour to be sloped at any angle. BGS constructs many of our customers greens in two tiers or with rolling undulations.
2.  Can a BGS green be installed indoors?
Yes. However, with our sand filled greens a minimal amount of top dressing sand will track outside the green area. We also offer a different type of turf (non-sand filled) called True Turf. This is a spring set nylon, with a very dense stitch rate. It is very durable and the fibers are curled over. This is not available at any carpet or building supply store. BGS offers a unique poured rubber crumb sub-base for the softest indoor golf green feel anywhere!
3.  Can snow, ice, wind, or intense heat harm the green?
ProGreen Synthetic Golf Greens have been installed in the Arizona deserts and high in the Rocky Mountains -- The resilient UV-resistant polypropylene fibers will withstand the effects of rain, snow, ice and intense sun.
4.  Will a ProGreen green wear out?
Since most of the wear is on the sand, these greens will last virtually forever. ProGreen turf comes with a Ma nufacturers' 8-year warranty, the best in the industry.
5.  How does water drain off the green?
Water drains directly off the top.
6.  What is the Stimp Speed of a BGS Golf Green?
The average stimp speed is or 11 but can be adjusted up to a 12.
7.  Can a BGS green absorb the bounce of ball that is hit onto the green from a long distance?
Our unique fiber density (PG4000) and top dressing hold give the BGS putting green the ability to hold shots from 45 yards. A larger amount of silica sand is required for long ball greens allowing for shots from 95 yards. ProGreen has a 9 and 18 hole golf course installed though out the country that employ this technology.
8.  Can a sand trap be placed next to a BGS green?
Yes. BGS imports Ohio bunker sand and alternatively uses a fine powdered local sand for bunkers. Bunker Sand can be easily brushed off the green.
9.  Can a BGS green be installed near my other landscaping?
Yes. Not only will a BGS golf green installation compliment any landscape but it will enhance all backyards. At BGS we pride ourselves as the "Installation Experts" and all backyards are given the same careful considerations. Landscape theories are key ingrediants on all golf green installations.
10.  How is debris, such as branches and leaves, removed from the green?
A Lawn/Leaf Blower is the quickest way to remove debris. You can also lightly sweep debris off the surface with a push broom.
11.  How long does it take to install a green?
BGS's attention to detail and painstaking effort to make every golf green an award winning installation generally means that any green installation takes no less than 2-3 days and depending on the size of your green and the weather the green installations could take a week or more.