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"Golf is harder than baseball. In golf, you have to play your foul balls." (Anonymous)

   Don't be fooled by cheap imitations!

The ProGreen Putting Green SystemTM  Looks and Play's Just Like a Natural Green! 

Smooth and consistent ball roll:

The rounded shape of the ProGreen Top DressingTM fills in any irregularities that the silica sand leaves.  The #20 mesh size of the top dressing sand makes it easier to control the speed of the green.  Also, with our increased fiber stitch pattern, the ball roll is much more consistent.

Ball Shot Absorption:

Due to the rounded shape there is space between each granular, creating a marble effect.  If the top dressing sand is angular in shape it will compact, thus leaving little cushion for the ball impact.  Also, the density of the fiber helps "cushion" the ball.  the combination of the fiber, the correct blend of silica sand, and our ProGreen Top DressingTM, are all important factors in reducing the kinetic energy of a golf ball at impact.

Softer feel to the green:

The density of the synthetic fibers, the correct blend of silica sand and our ProGreen Top DressingTM, make the putting green system softer, simulating a natural green.  Also see "Stimp Speed."   

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