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"Golf is harder than baseball. In golf, you have to play your foul balls." (Anonymous)


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Contemplating a synthetic putting green, replace your high maintenance lawn with SuperGrass® the grass that lasts" artificial grass or have BGS build a custom hitting net or maybe a sand trap? BGS has permanent synthetic turf solutions for all your needs. BGS is the Canadian artificial golf green expert. Our Canadian artificial turf is ranked number one for good reason our dare to compare our policy tells all. Our site covers all the technical synthetic putting greens data, synthetic golf green products, pricing, our portfolio; even a Mini Putt game!   BGS expertise is the backyard putting green.
Much like the "artificial Christmas tree", technology has improved artificial turf exponentially since the "indoor-outdoor" artificial grass carpeting of our childhoods. A professionally installed replicated (synthetic) golf green will last upwards of 20 years. In fact, putting performance on a BGS synthetic golf green improves with age!
Conversely a poorly installed golf green will look like a ten dollar synthetic golf green The combination of meticulous installation processes, incorporating longstanding landscape theories, and the highest quality artificial putting green components - "the system" - is the difference between our synthetic golf greens and all others.
The appearance, performance and longevity of our synthetic putting greens and landscape construction Is directly responsible for our excellent reputation throughout the industry.
Whether it be a sand -filled golf green, an indoor golf green, a SuperGrass®replacement, chipping area, or hitting nets make sure to buy the highest product quality. UNMATCHED in the synthetic turf golf green industry is the BGS "Platinum 5 Year Workmanship Guarantee” and the whopping 8 Year Manufacturers Registered Warranty against fade and or degradation. BGS confidently boast a consistent ball roll, true and fast as a Augusta golf green for years to come, guaranteed! The golf season is just around the corner and what better way to reduce strokes this year than to practice on you very own artificial golf green, anytime, any day! Canadian synthetic grass specialist.

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 Ask for the 8 year product warranty and 5 year workmanship guarantee

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We offer the best synthetic turf. If you want to see more information please click here. find synthetic turf on www.pro-greens.com. We have a wide variety of synthetic turf. putting green:: synthetic turf:: golf greens:: backyard putting greens:: synthetic greens:: artificial turf:: artificial putting greens:: miniature golf:: lawn bowling:: tennis courts:: croquet courts:: target turf:: driving range turf:: synthetic surfaces:: multisport surfaces:: worldwide installation:: distributor opportunities:: golf nets:: basketball courts:: golf greens:: This gives longer wear and tolerance to extreme temperatures The round-shaped green sand granules offer uniform and consistent ball roll, superior ball-shot absorption and a maintenance free green Green speed can be varied by adding or removing sand. Related terms are golf greens,backyard putting greens, synthetic greens, artificial turf, and artificial putting greens. look for synthetic turf on www.pro-greens.com.

Green speed can be varied by adding or removing sand Talk about your perfect putting green! Artificial putting surfaces have taken a leap forward since the introduction of the Synthetic Bent-Grass Golf Green System A unique combination of the company's own top dressing sand and synthetic fibres give the true bounce and roll features of a real bent grass putting surface Including everything from undulations to bunkers, your green can be tailor-made according to your individual preferences

Similar phrases were found on the www.pro-greens.com, like golf greens,synthetic greens,artificial turf and artificial putting greens. Including everything from undulations to bunkers, your green can be tailor-made according to your individual preferences Short of leaf blowing or the occasional clearing of debris, the company assures the finished product is maintenance-free The BGS system uses polypropylene and UV treated fibres and a primary and secondary backingOur very own top dressing sand specially sized and shaped for maximum performance No watering, no mowing and no weeding Imagine never having to water or mow your lawn again! BGS synthetic grass is not only affordable, but it's the highest quality available

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