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"Golf is harder than baseball. In golf, you have to play your foul balls." (Anonymous)


It's not just the turf, it's the SYSTEM!

There's more to a synthetic putting green than just the turf.  High quality synthetic turf is a crucial component of a quality green, but it's not the only factor.  It's not just the turf, it's the SYSTEM!  In order to have a long lasting, high performance synthetic putting green, it's critical that the right blend of silica sand is used, the right size and shape of top dressing is applied, a proper cup support system is in place, the right type of seam material is used, and on and on.  "Stimp Speed" is also a crucial factor! ProGreen has spent over 13 years developing a putting green system that is second to none!  Find out the "Stimp Speed" of a ProGreen Putting.




Not all synthetic turf is created equal!  We use a polypropylene, UV treated fiber.   We employ a primary backing and a DOUBLE COATED secondary backing. The primary backing is heat and UV stabilized woven polypropylene and the secondary backing is coated with Urethane.  All this is very important for longer wear and temperature extremes.  The stitch pattern is very tight making it the most dense turf it its class.  We use only the highest quality material available, and are committed to staying current with new technology.   

Our turf products have more fibers and face weight than any other synthetic turf in its class.  The extra fibers make for a superior roll, increased ball bounce, and a softer feel.    You won’t find a higher quality material in the industry!


One of the most important ingredient to the synthetic sand filled putting green system is the top dressing.  The size, shape and color of the top dressing sand is extremely important!  Our ProGreen Top Dressing Sand  is very unique.  It is rounded in shape, sized right for performance, and colored green for esthetics.  We do not mix any other aggregate with our top dressing!  It is 100% pure rounded, green top dressing sand!  All ProGreen kits come with a generous supply of Top Dressing; approx. ¾ lb per sq. ft.  THE TOP DRESSING SAND SIZE and SHAPE IS A VERY IMPORTANT FACTOR.

ProGreen Top Dressing  is rounded in shape. The ball roll is smoother and always consistent, it has more absorption at ball impact, it has a softer feel to it, and best of all, there is NO MAINTENANCE!   Also, see "Stimp Speed."


We use regulation sized cups.  These cups need stability, drainage, and mobility.   Our very own, one-of-kind cup support system allows drainage 15" below the surface to prevent sub-base deterioration and stability.  Spring loaded sleeves make it possible to adjust the cup as sand settles.  Spring loaded sleeves give the stability needed for frequent use and long flags sticks.  Cups can be adjusted downward to insert a cap, and upward to normal position.  


We use a Tar Based Self Adhesive Seam Tape.  It's not mylar and glue!  If you mess up the seam, you can start over!  It's durable, long lasting, and holds up to extreme weather conditions.

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