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ProGreen Synthetic Putting Turf Turning 

Backyards into Golf Havens
ProGreen System™ Offers Maintenance-Free, True Look and Feel Surface

DENVER, March 8, 1999 - It's one thing to step out into the backyard and hit whiffle balls into a net. It's another to line up a 30-foot putt with a double-break. Although putting can account for nearly half of a golfer's score, the only place to practice that aspect of the game is typically at the golf course.

The increasing popularity of synthetic putting greens is changing all of that. Whether in the backyard, a hotel courtyard, or an office building lobby, these true-to-life surfaces offer golf enthusiasts greater access to the game.

ProGreen International, Inc., a Colorado-based company with 12 years of research and development experience behind it, has perfected the synthetic putting green so it's not only durable and maintenance-free, but so it plays as a natural green would.

In addition to the look and play of natural grass, ProGreen is designed to provide a true ball bounce and roll. ProGreen Top Dressing™ is round, green-sand granules specially sized and shaped for maximum performance.

"The Top Dressing assures uniform and consistent ball roll, superior ball-shot absorption, and, as designed, plays a major factor in the maintenance-free environment," said Steve Walker, ProGreen president. "Because our granule's 'round' shape prevents bonding, the green's surface avoids crusting which is what 'angular' sand naturally tends to do. Crusting - or hardening - of the surface requires periodic brushing or sweeping.

Synthetic putting greens can be designed for any size, shape or contour in both residential and commercial settings. Other than occasionally blowing leaves or debris off the green, there is no maintenance and no need to cover the surface. ProGreen turf employs a resilient UV resistant polypropylene fiber that can withstand the effects of rain, ice, and intense sun and all ProGreen turf comes with a limited eight-year warranty.

"In addition to its recreational value," said Walker, "our putting greens are aesthetically pleasing regardless of location. As an industry leader in the development of synthetic putting greens, we feel we have a perfectly refined system superior to all others."

ProGreen International, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and distributor of synthetic putting greens. Founded in 1987, ProGreen is an industry leader in the research and development of synthetic greens in the United States with more than 1000 installations. Headquartered in Broomfield, Colo., the ProGreen System™ features a durable and long-lasting synthetic turf that offers the look and play of a natural green, consistent ball roll, and no maintenance. ProGreen distributors are located throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Japan and Thailand. For more information, visit the ProGreen website at www.progreen.com or call toll free at (888) 440-PUTT (7888).

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