Synthetic Grass is Always Greener

Study the break. Eye on the ball. Putter straight. Smooth, pendulum-like swing." It's in the's in the hole!" hollered Robert Smith, a Toronto, Ontario Entrepreneur, who spends time several days of the week, perfecting his putting stroke in his own backyard. His neighbors are green with envy. It's hard to tell if they're more envious of his putting green or the fact that his sixteen year old couch potato son is now a golf enthusiast.

The backyard putting green is the hottest rage since backyard swimming pools. Recent advancements in synthetic turf appearance and performance is tempting more people to install it in their own yards as putting greens, or even as a maintenance-free alternative to grass.

According to Smith, its as good or better than the real thing because there's no maintenance. It's got undulations and breaking putts, and it looks and feels like a natural green.

Smith's green was constructed by BGS Synthetic Turf, of Pickering, Ontario. BGS's turf is made out of UV-resistant, polypropylene fibers with a urethane backing. Jerome Keays, president of BGS Synthetic Turf, says "what makes this product perform

like a natural green is the unique combination of sand and synthetic fiber. It's not Astroturf or carpet over concrete. It has a natural look and ball bounce, similar to a golf course green."

BGS also made a believer out of Ken Varty, a Canadian Golf Professional in Toronto, Ontario. He praises the realistic performance of Pro-Putt, commenting that the ball checks up well from distances. The speed can be changed by adding or deleting the Top Dressing Sand

"We've sold 100's of golf greens in the last several years, in different climates and in a variety of shapes and sizes, says Keays. They can withstand the freezing winters of Canada and the intense desert heat in Phoenix, Arizona. When it comes to designing your green, it can be configured any way you want. We can custom-fit your yard; add a fringe, a sand bunker, water hazard, rough, multiple greens, tee-boxes; the ideas are endless."

"Putting was the part of my game that needed the most work," said Smith. "But now, I can practice my putting whenever I want by just stepping into my backyard. And when friends or relatives come to our home, the main attraction is my golf green! It has become the entertainment center of the back yard."

For more information on BGS Synthetic Turf Systems, call 1-866-742-PUTT.