Weekend Putting

The Weekend Golfer

There are no official statistics kept for the weekend golfer but based on just one public golf course records which tracked an average of 40,000 rounds more than 75% of those rounds resulted in scores of over 100 15% scored 90-99, 5% scored 80-89 - 5% scored under 80 - or less. Of the scores recorded it’s generally conceded the average weekend golfer might not keep track of every mishap or perhaps mistakenly some miscalculate penalty strokes or take “do-overs” without proper accounting. So those 75% of all golfers scoring 100+ might easily really score 110 + when under a microscope.

Additional Stats

Further scorecard tracking of weekend golfers see an average of 45 putts per roundand that number likely skewed with weekend “gimmes” being the norm. Around the putting green the numbers are similar tracking 10 yards and in showing results of only 1 % getting up and down.

Compare the weekend statistics with following numbers recorded by the PGA Y-T- D, US Open, June 18, 2017 numbers

Putts Per Round as tracked by the PGA
Brian Harmon had 21 putts per round and the remaining 210 tour pros had 22-23 putts per round.
Scrambling per round as tracked by the PGA from < 10 yards
Sergio Garcia is on top 100% up and down from 10 yards in, the average of the 210 tour pros tracked up and down is 87%.

Avid Weekend Golfer

A real avid weekend golfer will devote some time at the practice range hitting driver, 3 woods, mid irons and perhaps a few might practise hitting some wedges. Very few weekend golfers spend time on a practice green.

Most Significant Improvements

Easily the most significant improvements on the scorecard by weekend golfers could be more time spend on practicing their short game. The majority of weekend golfers neither have the time or easy access to practice greens and an artificial backyard green might be the best solution for players to better their game.

What a great way to take strokes off your game

Imagine, your very own backyard putting green.