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Primary Yarn Face: Twined Proprietary Polypropylene Blend
Thatch Yarn: None
Pile Height: 0.5625”
Face Weight: 36 oz. per sq yd.

Primary Backing: Proprietary QuadriBIND™ Backing
Secondary Backing: 20 oz. urethane per sq yd.
Total Product Weight: 65 oz. per sq yd.
Perforations: None
Warranty: 8 years (See full warranty for terms & conditions)

Home Putting Green Surface

Not be confused with a nylon putting surface (not recommended for the outdoors!) Our PG AUGUSTA has absolutely the best ball roll of any polypropylene putting surface available and is 100% American made! Our PG AUGUSTA putts true and is non-directional. Our PG AUGUSTA rolls true on the day installed, and stays that way for the life of the product some 25-30 years.
At the “Putting Green Company”, we can get the ball to run to a 10 on the stimp meter. Install over a big beefy aggregate base and topped with (finely crushed stone), chip from 40 yards out (2 lbs. of infill sand required.) OR glue over concrete or modular surface (when glued no infill is required, but it only chips well from 10 yards out.)

PG Augusta Installations

At Shawn Clement, Class A Canadian PGA Member,Director, Richmond Hill Golf Learning Centre, Chairman
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